What we do

A new form of reality

i! is a complete package of (streaming) XR services. XR stands for Extended Reality, it encompasses all immersive technologies such as AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (mixed reality). With XR technology, virtual 3D environments can be created which completely merge with the real-life environment.

XR technology is centred around an LED system (floor and walls) in which the non-fiction part is located (people and physical props). The 3D environment created by us is, “projected” onto the LED system. Everything that falls outside the LED system is virtual or extended reality. In this 3D world, any form of interactivity, special effects or fiction is possible in real time. By tracking the position of the cameras and crane, the participant’s perspective changes along with it, so they actually feel like they are in this three-dimensional space.

XR technology was originally developed by Hollywood for use in motion pictures, but especially now, in a world dominated by COVID-19, we see it as our mission to make the benefits of this ground breaking technology available to a much wider audience. XR technology can be used as part of internal or external company presentations, product launches , commercials, video clips and conferences. We can create XR experiences within the available budgets. We do this through our i! menu. Read more about this in the step-by-step plan in “our process”.

How can we help you?

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