The digital market is progressing by leaps and bounds in inventing the latest gadgets and technologies. In the field of entertainment, we are hearing more and more from VR Utrecht, this technique can be used to step out of reality for a while, but a lot can also be achieved in the business field. By using XR (Extended Reality), entrepreneurs can make their idea visually tangible to business partners or bring a new concept to the market. Take advantage of these innovative techniques.

VR Utrecht and other techniques

To get the right guidance, i! set up a studio in VR Utrecht and Rotterdam that are specialized in this kind of amazing techniques. The main branch that specializes in is called XR, or Extended Reality. This includes even more technical terms, namely: AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). Wonderful abbreviations, some of which you may have heard of, but what do these abbreviations actually mean?

Extended Reality (XR) is the overarching whole in which all real and virtual environments come together. These are generated together through the use of a computer by specialists who have mastered this technique. Under Extended Reality there are a number of techniques in which you can bring the real world and the virtual world together. Virtual Reality (VR) is the most well-known.

VR Utrecht

With Augmented reality (AR) virtual objects are added to the real world. These objects can be anything: photos, videos, animations, etc. So you see the current, real environment where virtual elements are used. It is also referred to as an “extended reality”. Here you can communicate minimally or even not at all with the virtual objects. An example of this is the many filters that Snapchat users can add to their photos. This means that this technique can already be used with minimal resources, such as a mobile phone. This makes this technique a simple and inexpensive way to make and use.

While with Virtual Reality (VR Utrecht) you are completely immersed in the virtual world. A 360° computer-controlled environment is created in which an interaction, in contrast to augmented reality, is also created with the virtual world. The real world is no longer visible here at all. When the user looks around, only the virtual world and the associated sounds are seen. When using this technique, having VR glasses is essential to be able to step into the virtual world, so it cannot easily be used on a mobile phone or tablet.

Mixed Reality (MR) is the latest technology that brings AR and VR together. The real world is combined with the virtual world. By bringing these two worlds together, a new environment is created, as it were. This also means that an interaction can take place with both worlds while using Mixed Reality.

VR Utrecht and other virtual worlds are merging

By combining these two worlds, endless possibilities can be achieved because there are no restrictions to be imposed in a virtual world. This makes it applicable within a wide range of sectors. Suppose, for example, that you want to present a product that is much too large or too heavy to just take with you. By using VR Utrecht you can make the product visual by only using VR glasses. This also ensures that you do not have to incur any costs to produce the product on a large scale, but you can first see how the response to the product is. Think even of training that can be given by applying the use of VR in situations that are not always easy to imitate. For example, training courses have been made with the help of VR Utrecht for soldiers, the police and firefighters. Thanks to the technology, different types of emergency situations can be worked out so that these emergency services can gain experience before a similar situation occurs in real life.

A sustainable investment

It is a fact that the XR techniques are the most recent new developments in the field of digitization. This does mean that when using Virtual Reality, purchasing VR glasses is not the cheapest purchase, especially not if it is several pieces. But it is a durable product that can easily last for years and can be used for multiple purposes. If you would not use this way, you would still have costs for producing products. Without getting any feedback on whether or not that product is received as a great success at all by the market or potential business partners. In addition, there is the option to bring your idea to life through i!. The team will work with 3D techniques that are recorded by cameras. As a result, a 3D experience can be given to viewers.  

Effect on your brain

By using a 360° environment you leave a big impression on the user. Several scientific studies have already been conducted in which the results show that the use of Virtual Reality has a positive effect on the brain. What is presented stimulates all the sensors of the human body. The experience is taken to a new level. There are positive effects on short and long-term memory. It would even promote the development of the brain. In the medical field, too, initial steps are being taken to treat people with dementia, for example, by offering them a safe environment.

To make your virtual reality wish come true as you envision it, guidance is offered by a team specialized in these XR techniques, such as at i!. The team has received training and is trained in developing, applying and executing these types of techniques. At the i! locations, there are different types of studios where everything comes together to achieve the desired end result through close collaboration. These studios can be found in multiple locations, which makes it easier to choose a studio closest to you. These can be found in both Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Visit our studio

If you want more explanation and want to experience everything with your own eyes, you can always visit one of the locations after appointment to get an impression of what is done at i!. Talk to our specialists to hear different types of ideas that match your vision. Also take a look at what our studios look like, where we will develop and elaborate everything together in consultation. The studios at both locations are corona-proof to comply with the current measures.

The studios look futuristic at first. These consist of LED floors and walls where people or objects can be placed. Also called the real environment. What has been put together by the specialized team can then be projected onto the LED lights by computers. Everything outside the LED lights is then the virtual world. Because the variety of cameras changes position, the viewer sees different angles of this created 3D world. In this way you can see how your idea comes to reality.

Because we start a conversation to arrive at the perfect idea together, the end product is made according to your wishes by the team that offers guidance. Nothing is too crazy to convey in a virtual world that the team can help with. Presentations, video clips, conferences, everything is possible. It is possible to work out all kinds of scenarios and ideas, since it is a virtual world. Let our experts guide you for the best end result.