In Rotterdam i! set up an innovative extended reality studio where you can get acquainted with the latest XR techniques. One of these techniques is VR Rotterdam. We call this that because this studio is located in Rotterdam. These are not only applicable for entertainment purposes, but can also be widely used in various sectors within the business world.

Giving a presentation or presenting a product is with the help of i! a groundbreaking way in the current market. New developments are taking place every day in the digital field. By taking advantage of this for your own business purposes, there are a lot of profits to be made for both you and potential business partners.

VR Rotterdam and other forms of Extended Reality

Just a brief explanation of which XR techniques are possible, because only then can you decide which works best for your idea or company. All these techniques are also available to get started at i!.

First of all, we talk about an Extended Reality studio. Sounds a bit futuristic, but what does it mean? well actually? Extended Reality (XR) means that the real world and the virtual world are brought together. These two worlds are merged by specialists on a computer. All following terms therefore fall under Extended Reality.

Augmented Reality

The simplest form is Augmented Reality (AR). Here virtual elements are added to the real world. Both worlds are thus combined with each other. It is not possible to interact with this, unlike the following VR technique.

An example of this is the game Pokémon Go that you can download as an app on your mobile phone. In this game you can search and catch Pokémons because the app indicates where they can be found and you can actually see them by using your camera on your phone.

This means that Augmented Reality can already be applied in a simple way through the use of small electronic devices. These are often devices that the average household already owns.

VR Rotterdam – Virtual Reality

The most mentioned and well-known technique in the media is VR. This abbreviation stands for Virtual Reality. This is already widely used in the entertainment industry and is in full development on a large scale. We have a studio in Rotterdam where we apply these and other XR techniques. That is why we talk about VR Rotterdam in this article.

With VR, you are present in a completely virtual world through the use of a 360° computer-controlled environment, which you can also interact with. You imagine yourself in a different world than your current environment. There is no longer any real world here, only the virtual world is present. To fully immerse yourself in this virtual environment, the use of VR glasses is necessary.

Mixed Reality

There is also a technique where you can combine AR and VR together, this is called Mixed Reality. This is abbreviated by MR. In this technique, the real world is merged with the virtual world. Bringing these two worlds together creates a whole new environment. You can combine the advantages of both worlds. Which means that you can also interact with the use of this technique.

360 experience

The different AR techniques ensure that they leave a great impression on the user through the full 360° experience. Especially when you can interact with the virtual world. The experience takes place on a completely different level than we are used to. That is why so many successes are achieved in the field of AR. It is even scientifically proven that it has a positive effect on the brain.

Health research and VR Rotterdam

A number of studies show that the human brain is stimulated in various ways. This ensures that the concentration can be maintained for longer through the 360° experience. The visual and auditory memory are stimulated, which extends the attention span. In the field of entertainment, there are many educational games for children to learn and exercise as much as possible.

After many studies, it has been shown that the use of VR glasses has no adverse effects on the (children's) brain. In the beginning there may be motion sickness, or motion sickness. But there are also all kinds of tips and tricks to remedy this. For example, by simply building up the usage time slowly, taking breaks every now and then or by adjusting the brightness.

What is also not entirely unimportant is that by using these different types of techniques we work in a much more sustainable and environmentally conscious way. You can put together the product or presentation that you have in mind completely virtually.

So you don't have to produce products or purchase all kinds of props to bring your idea into reality. Make sure you provide some VR goggles and you can already start pitching your idea within your own company or with potential business partners.


Since the XR techniques are still in the starting blocks and many developments still need to take place, there is a somewhat pricey price tag to purchase, for example, VR glasses. Especially if several are purchased. However, this is a purchase that can be used several times.

It is a durable product that can be used for several years. In the face of the high production costs for developing a product, without any feedback, you will ultimately have more left at the bottom of the line. When using AR techniques for, for example, apps for the mobile phone, the costs will be much better than expected.

There is also the option to have the entire production done by i! Studio. Because the team is working with 3D techniques and these are recorded by different cameras, the 3D feeling can be created for the viewers during a presentation, for example.

Professional guidance

i! Studio begeleidt van A tot Z bij het in stand brengen van hetgeen je voor ogen hebt. Een team dat specifiek gespecialiseerd is in al deze technieken gaat aan de slag om het perfecte te realiseren. Gedurende heel het proces blijven we in gesprek om te voldoen aan de wensen om uiteindelijk in de studio’s het eindproduct tot leven te brengen. De studio’s zijn te vinden in zowel Rotterdam als Utrecht. Zo is er altijd een studio dichtbij jouw gewenste locatie. Het is ook altijd mogelijk om na afspraak een kijkje te komen nemen in een van de studio’s.

The Studios

The studios of i! in Rotterdam consist of LED walls and floors. On which objects or people can be placed. So this is the real world. The specialized team that worked on the idea will project this idea onto the LED lights. Everything that reflects on this is the virtual world. A 3D world is created where the viewer can see different angles by changing the camera position.

When you look further on our website, you get a taste of what the team has to offer. There are several media available that have already been partnered up. This way you can get an idea of what we have to offer.

Anything is possible

Because we work with a virtual world, all ideas are possible. Games, product launches, commercials, video clips, nothing is too much to ask. It is even possible to realize training. The techniques are also used, for example, in military training to enable training in emergency scenarios. Because the user is completely immersed in a new world, realistic situations can be simulated.

At i! Studio, all kinds of wishes and visions can be realized by the specialized team that will assist you during the entire process. We are only satisfied when you are.