At i! Studio can make many virtual wishes and dreams come true. You will receive full support regarding XR techniques to make your virtual event a success. The guidance is provided by a professional team that is specialized and trained in the digital world.

Virtual event, XR techniques….what? Precisely. Let's start with the concept of virtual event. The name already gives it away a bit: it is about a virtual event. The purpose of a virtual event is to transfer certain knowledge, ideas, products or the like to a large audience from the internet. The public can follow the virtual event from the comfort of their own home or office. The organizers can also work this out completely according to their wishes from the place where they want it with the help of professionals such as i!. The users only need a good internet connection to participate in the virtual event. By setting up an interactive platform, this broad audience can also communicate with each other, for example to ask questions or develop ideas. This type of event ensures that a lot can be achieved in a very accessible way.

Different kinds of virtual events

A virtual event can be anything. The users can attend a concert or a company sets up a conference for all its employees or customers to attend. There is no barrier to reaching a large audience as essentially anyone can participate via the internet. Where normally a lot of costs are involved to realize these kinds of events, a virtual event ensures that these costs are kept within limits.

To make such an event as attractive and interesting as possible, i! guide you in the use of XR techniques during a tailor-made virtual event that is personalized to your wishes or company. Just a brief introduction to what those XR techniques mean. Only in this way can you get a complete picture of what a virtual event is and also how you could organize a virtual event yourself that suits your idea or company.

Virtual Event

Extended reality

XR is the abbreviation for Extended Reality. This is an overarching whole in which the real world and the virtual world come together. A group of specialists generates all images with the use of a computer to the correct technique that is desired. XR therefore includes a lot of techniques that can be used for a virtual event. The most well-known and most well-known are briefly explained below, so that you can already think about which vision best suits the virtual moment that you have in mind.

First up we have Augmented Reality, abbreviation AR. In this technique, virtual tools are added to the real world. These can be anything: animations, photos, filters, etc. A well-known example are the many filters and stickers that can be used via the Instagram app. In it you can take a picture of yourself or your environment and add all kinds of virtual tools to it. During your virtual event, you can add the right virtual tool that brings out your message the most. This means that the use of Augmented Reality is very accessible. You can already apply this by just using a mobile phone.

Virtual reality

The XR technology that is best known is Virtual Reality, abbreviation VR. With this technique there is a complete virtual world. By using a 360° computer-controlled environment, a virtual world is created. Because you are completely in the virtual world, interaction with the virtual world is also possible. There is no longer a real world here. This makes this technique a bit more complicated to use. You can't just do this on your mobile phone, but here you already need VR glasses to step into the virtual world.

Then there is the technique where the two previous techniques are combined together. The name is therefore Mixed Reality, abbreviation MR. This is therefore the most recent technology that has been developed. As you might suspect, here the real world is brought together with the virtual world. The two worlds in turn combine to form a new world. This also means that an interaction can be entered into with both worlds. For a virtual event, this creates very special and surprising elements for the participants.

Virtual event in a virtuele ambiance

To adjust the virtual event to your liking, i! uses an advanced studio to bring your idea to life. The studio consists of an LED environment, these are on the walls and floors. The specialized team uses a computer to project onto the LED lights on which the virtual event can start. The image that emerges from this LED environment is the created virtual environment.

Okay, now we have background information about what is virtually possible. But how do you create a virtual event? You don't have to figure this out on your own either. I! provides step-by-step guidance here.

Over the past few months, it has become even more clear to us all how useful, but also important, it is to focus more on digitization. We have seen that despite there being (great) distances, we could still get very close to each other to make important matters communicable. This is not only necessary on a personal level to maintain social contacts, but also on a business level it is possible to achieve a lot by investing in a virtual event. This makes it very easy to reach a wide and diverse audience. This does not only have to be seen in the event of a pandemic. Even when we go back to work without measures, digitization offers an excellent outcome.

A virtual event is very accessible

Organizing a virtual event is also easily accessible for the speaker(s). This can be applied from the convenience of your comfortable environment with your own experts at your side. Companies also no longer have to travel long distances by plane, which is very attractive for the more and more green companies that start up. And yet it is still possible to interact in order to exchange ideas with each other, for example by adding a platform where participants can talk to each other. Also for this part there are a lot of ideas to work out where i! can help with your starting virtual event. A chat room, video conference, web streaming, these are all possibilities that can be used.

An example of this are, for example, radio programs that also stream live via TV or YouTube. They often add a chat room where users can send messages via SMS or an application on the mobile phone. Then other viewers can see the messages coming in to the chat room being shared on the screen. Another example is the schools that have made efforts in recent months to digitize their lessons. Again, there was interaction with the students and their teachers to ask questions or to give explanations. So you see that a virtual event can be used in many different areas.

Live on social media

Nowadays there are also a lot of well-known social media platforms that have developed in setting up virtual events. Take for example Instagram, Facebook or, among the young audience, where you can easily livestream. There are already countless companies that have cleverly responded to this in order to reach many customers or fans in a very accessible way.

You cannot place restrictions on this because digitally the most unthinkable can easily be worked out. There is also no limitation because the virtual event takes place in real time. The participants who have registered for the virtual event can follow everything live at the moment. Because the virtual event is digital, there is also a possibility to save the event. This offers an excellent solution to refresh all acquired knowledge by looking at it again at a later time. For a company it is nice to look back at what can be done better the next time or to see which part was the most successful.

Trust the knowledge of i! in the field of professionalization and knowledge related to the digital world. Your virtual event becomes reality with the expertise that the team can offer.