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What we do

i! is a high-end innovating Extended Reality (XR) studio in the Netherlands. We're frontrunners on XR technology and facilitate a full XR experience in which we accompany a creative, technical and productional journey.

i! is convinced that companies and consumers are ready for new, groundbreaking and sustainable events, conferences, meetings and video productions. Both within the business market and the entertainment industry. At i! we challenge ourselves and our customers to take the virtual way of presenting to an unlimited and compelling level.

i! offers several studio options to suit any need. These studios are located in Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Our Studio's


You will find our Full XR Studio in Utrecht. You can also go here for a webinar setup.


This studio is located in Ahoy Rotterdam.

XR Studio

An XR Studio is a studio in which Extended Reality footage is recorded. Many people wonder what exactly that is. That is why we would like to provide more clarity on this subject.

Mixed Reality

There are several studio options for merging the real world with a virtual reality. Virtual Reality is what most are familiar with because of virtual reality glasses, but there are more forms of Extended Reality.

Extended Reality is the umbrella term for all forms of mixing between reality and the virtual world.

There is also Augmented Reality where, for example, directions are given in a virtual way in the real world. For example, consider a projection of your route in the front window of your car. Or a weather forecast that you will soon see in the top right corner of your glasses.

XR Studio

All these techniques come together in an XR studio. In the past, green screens were often used for virtual productions. Yet you often have a serrated edge around the projected object.

Nowadays, an XR studio is often used for presenting events, conferences, meetings and other video productions. XR studios facilitate the desired needs of consumers and the business market and take productions to the next level.

Moreover, an XR studio can guide you in your entire production journey from A to Z. Because an XR studio is equipped with all the technical experience, they can help you take your production to an immersive level.

XR Experience

i! Studio offers a full XR experience in which all forms of XR technology are reflected. Our XR studios are located in Utrecht and Rotterdam. Utrecht is our largest location. Sustainable events are hosted here, among other things, that fit in with the desired needs of our customers.

These events and other virtual productions are not just recorded here. We also find it important to accompany our customers during their production journey. But the location in Rotterdam also offers various studio options with which you can get along well with your virtual production.

XR Technology

The advantage of XR technology over green screens and other older methods is that the camera has had some technical adjustments that allow it to capture groundbreaking images. The camera knows exactly where it is in the virtual world. As a result, the camera helps to take virtual production to a higher level.

In our XR studios, which are located in Rotterdam and Utrecht, we are happy to help you record progressive extended reality images. Our studios serve the entire business market. We are convinced that we can also fulfill your complete creative wishes.

Do you have a project that we can help you with? Please contact us for more information.